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The ultimate ad monetization toolkit for publishers

The OKO edge

We give website publishers everything they need to take control of their ad monetization and earn the revenue they deserve. Working with OKO gives you a well-equipped and connected expert team dedicated to your long-term success. This includes:

Note: Not every OKO advantage is compatible with every set-up. Talk to one of the OKO experts today to see how OKO can help you. Some elements are subject to approval on a per domain basis.

Google Certified Publishing Partners

Certified expertise

Everyone claims to be experts, but in our case Google agrees. OKO are proud to be recognised as Google Certified Publishing Partners, making us one of a handful of companies worldwide recognised by Google for expertise in Google Ad Manager and AdSense.

Google Certified Publishing Partner Logo

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What our publishers say about OKO Ad Management

  • OKO are a genuine pleasure to deal with, they are professional and friendly and they really know what they're talking about. They are also very proactive in finding ways to maximise revenue generated by site visitors beyond standard ad placement. Even the smallest of questions are dealt with professionally and lightning fast. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a complete ad management solution.
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    "Having worked with OKO for nearly three years, we have constantly made small improvements to ad revenue, as well as doubling web traffic to over 5 million page views per month."
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    "We made a big decision for us when we decided to switch the majority of our ad-serving to OKO and I have to say I'm really glad to be seeing that it was the right one. We will be moving some more of our inventory to you this/next week"
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    "Working with OKO has released me from the burden of managing my ad inventory and the time that takes, allowing me to focus on growing traffic while Oko optimise revenue. On top of that, OKO and their specialist team have helped with improving website design and usability, boosting site speed and increasing search engine traffic. "
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    "After only a few months they have doubled my revenue....  OKO are bringing all the benefits of a business partner but without having to compromise my ownership of the business."
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    "There are plenty of companies out there who claim to be experts at ad optimisation, but none I have encountered have the professional approach and knowledge of OKO."
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    "... the net result is that we've had an extra bunch of money coming in, and nothing extra going out. Which is always nice."