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Adding users to DFP


1. Navigate to the new user screen

  • Visit www.google.com/dfp and login if you aren’t already
  • Click Admin in the header menu (see 1)
  • Click Users in the resulting side menu (see 2)
  • Click the New user button (see 3)

2. Enter the user details

  • Name: The name that will be used on the invitation
  • Email : The email that the invitation will be sent to
  • Confirm email: Retype the email address
  • User’s language: What language the invitation email will be sent in
  • Personal note: This text will also appear on the invitation email
  • Role: What permissions the user will have.

When you click save the invitation is sent.  Note: The user you invited will not appear on the Users list until they accept the invitation. There is no way to see which users have been invited but have not yet responded.

3. Recipient received invitation email

Invitation emails are sent immediately from dfp-noreply@google.com .  In English the subject line reads “Invitation to Share a DoubleClick for Publishers Account” and contains any personal message together with some standard text and an invitation link.

The invitation link is valid for 1 month, after which time it expires and a new invitation would need to be sent.

4. User accepts invitation

  • To accept the invitation the invited user needs to click the link in the email.
  • They will be prompted to log into their Google account if they are not already logged in
  • They will then need to select whether or not to receive announcements & account alerts by email
  • The user now has access to the DFP account

Mat Bennett :