Want your ads to earn more? So do we.

OKO are experts in helping website publishers earn more from ads. We work with publishers all over the world to increase their ad revenue and remove the work and worry of running an ad-funded website. We’re also one of the few companies in the world certified by Google as experts in publisher support, so you know your website is safe with us.

Our offer is simple: Partner with OKO and you’ll have direct access to a Google Certified expert dedicated to making the most of your ad serving potential.  In return for a small share of the revenue we generate together we’ll champion your site, uncovering opportunities, optimising delivery and support you to increase your earnings.  No fees, no tie-ins, no risk.

How it works

The first thing we’ll do is introduce you to your dedicated contact. They’ll help identify the best opportunities for you and your site, and stay in regular contact as those opportunities come to fruition and be your main point of contact as help you make the most of opportunities like:

Optimising ad placements: Ad positions have an enormous impact on earnings. We’ll give you expert suggestions on placements that can increase your earnings by improving viewability and Click Through Rates. You always stay in control, no sneaky automatic systems pushing ugly or risky placements.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange: Ad Exchange (or AdX) is the world’s biggest marketplace for ad impressions. We’ll get you listed and push your inventory to high paying buyers, managing your floor prices to ensure that you are never underpaid for an impression.

Ad Server implementation: If you don’t have an ad server you should, so we’ll get you set-up with DoubleClick for Publishers for free. And, if you already use DFP we’ll ensure that it is set-up properly and running in a way that maximises your revenue from all sources.

Premium ads: Because we manage a lot of advertising we get access to premium deals not available to individual publishers – meaning that you get paid more for your impressions.

Premium formats: If you want to push your monetization beyond the constraints of only banners then we can also help with premium priced formats that will work for your audience.

Optimise the ad auction: To maximise your earnings you need to ensure that you get the best bid for each impression. We’ll optimise your ad server set-up get the most of from each partner and increase your revenue.

Technical implementation and troubleshooting: Ad speed and ad delivery can be affected by a wide range of issues. Having help on hand to ensure that you are serving all the ads you should be stops unexpected bugs eating into your ad revenue.

Note: Not all opportunities are right for every publisher. Part of our expertise is in identifying the best opportunities for each site and getting you the most return on effort.

Our publishers also get

Awesome support: No more posting to forums or hoping your support email gets answered. You get direct contact details to an expert who is familiar with your account and has the expertise to deal with the issues you raise.

Clear reporting: Understand what you earn, across demand-partners, at a glance. Our in-house reporting system gives you clear, useful reports updated daily.

Broader guidance: Your revenue depends as much on site performance as ad performance, which is why we also support publishers with wider issues. From SEO to site speed, compatibility to user experience, our team will offer best practice advice and guidance on any issues that arise.

Pro-active management: We don’t wait for there to be a problem before we act. We’re monitoring your website and its financial performance daily, looking for trends and changes that need attention or suggest a new opportunity.

Never pay a penny

Our job is to make you money, not cost you money. We work on a revenue share basis. We take a small percentage of what we earn together meaning that we are always motivated to increase your earnings in sustainable ways. We believe publishers should work with us because they love the results, not because they’re tied to a contract. That means that you can cancel at any time if you are not 100% happy.

Could OKO work for you?

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