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We’re Changing

Today is a very big day for us. We’ve been working under some variation of the Brit-net name since June 1997 and as Brit-net Internet Marketing Ltd since 1999, but that ends of now. As of this week we are OKO Digital – or Just OKO to our friends.

This final quarter of 2013 is set to be a landmark period for us. We have been learning new skills and honing old ones, making sure that our team is better equipped than ever to help you compete in the ever-changing online space. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline and new services soon to be rolled out.

With all this change in the air the time was right for us to bring about the rebrand that we have been planning for a while. Whilst we are all very proud of the company we are part of and what it has achieved. Today marks the start of a new era for us and we look forward to embarking on it with you.

We’re the same team that you all know, the same company (with the same company number – no miraculous rising phoenix here), same ownership, same phone number and operating from the same offices on Hayling Island. In fact, it might initially seem like the only thing that has changed is the name.

The new name is though part of a wider change. Our organisation and the work we perform has changed significantly to keep pace with the evolution of the Internet, and that change has been more rapid than ever over the last year. The result of that is that our name had become less and less relevant to our business.

The word “Oko” is an old Russian word meaning eye and is used in Czech to refer to the eye of a storm. When we were researching short, memorable name options for the company that image of the calm at the centre of something wilder really appealed

If you are interested to hear what we’re up to, then why not follow us on your preferred social media platform? It will be me primarily publishing to Google+ but we also have a new OKO branded presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. For informal tweets from the team you can also follow us on Twitter at @okonaut If you have any questions at all then Mat, Bruce and the team will be available to answer them all day. Either give us a call on 023 9246 0000 or drop by the office and enjoy a glass of champagne with us.

Mat Bennett :