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OKO Team Day : Forest Segway

It’s not every team that would turn up at work on 9am on a grey; miserable Sunday without really knowing why they were there, but that is exactly what happened this Sunday at OKO HQ.

I’d been planning a team day for a while as a thank you for all the hard work everyone has been putting in this year.  I kept the plans for the day secret, but we picked the day some time before the timing for the rebrand was agreed. That fact that we launched the rebrand on Friday was a happy coincidence that gave us an extra excuse to go out and have some fun.

It was a cold and grey day with heavy rain predicted in the afternoon, but everyone still turned up knowing almost nothing about what was planned.  Only once everyone was onboard the minibus (and the doors were locked to prevent any last minute dashes for freedom) were the plans revealed: We were off to the new forest for some off-road Segway.

What’s a Segway you ask?

According to the company behind them, Segways are dynamically stabilised green personal transport. No clearer? Check out this snippet of video we took on the day.

Segway’s are great fun, but you don’t exactly break a sweat riding one, so we all needed defrosting at the end of our adventure. Luckily the open fires and warming food (and drink!) of the Jolly Sailor was only a short drive away in Bursledon.

A good fun day and I think that we’re all agreed that Team Days need to be more of a regular feature in the OKO calendar.  If anyone has suggestions for unusual activities that our team might enjoy then get in touch.

Additional thanks to HVR for help with transport and Hell Money for providing the video soundtrack.

Mat Bennett :