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OKO become Google Certified Publishing Partners

We’re thrilled to announce another exciting first for OKO today with us becoming the first UK company to be awarded Google Certified Publishing Partner status.  GCPP status is Google’s endorsement of excellence in the publisher side of the online advertising business.

Although OKO had previously been awarded AdSense partner status (We were the first UK AdSense partners too), the whole team retrained and requalified as part of the GCPP process.  Google Certified Publishing Partners are not just theoretical experts though. We had to demonstrate results and excellent customer service with our global portfolio of website publishers before even being invited to sit the exams.

What are Google Certified Publishing Partners?

There are currently around 30 GCPP companies across the globe. All provide some form of support to websites that use display advertising.  Each has its own approach: The OKO approach is to partner each publisher with a named, qualified expert to offer a tailored blend of yield management, optimisation, support and coaching.

The GCPP programme was launched after the retirement of the Google AdSense Certified Partner programme. Whereas the earlier programme was solely focused on the AdSense product, GCPP takes Google’s full range of monetization product including  DoubleClick Ad Exchange, DoubleClick for Publishers and Google AdSense.

Working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner gives website owners that assurance that they are working with world-class experts who will work inside network policy and have access to their own support and benefits from Google.

Mat Bennett :