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Introducing #FreeWebFriday

A Golden Orb Web Weaver Spider's web, with morning dew drops and golden light displaying the intricate details and beauty.

Internet advertising has been getting a bad reputation lately, thanks to a small minority of bad players overloading websites with intrusive and annoying ads. With a growing number of users installing ad-blocking software there is a real risk of “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” and causing real, long-term damage to the web.

Advertising isn’t all evil.  We all like free stuff online and since the appearance of the first banner back in 1994, it has been advertising that pays for the free things we love.  That’s easily overlooked, so we’ve decided to celebrate it a little every week with the launch of #FreeWebFriday.

The idea is simple. Every Friday we will use the hashtag #FreeWebFriday to share a website that we think is great, but is free to use other than the inclusion of some ads.    That’s it!  We’d love others to join in and share their favourites, but it’s just a way to highlight some interesting, funny, useful (or just weird) sites that are part of the free web thanks to online advertising.

Check out our first #FreeWebFriday post here – TemplateMaker.nl

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