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OKO join The Acceptable Ads Committee

Eyeo, the makers of AdBlock Plus have long promised that the management of their “Acceptable Ads” programme would one-day be handed over to an independent committee. That time is now getting closer with the first committee members confirmed and OKO are proud to announce that we will be part of it.

“Acceptable Ads” is the initiative that allows users to whitelist a specific subset of low-impact advertising in their browser. The initiative has received a lot of criticism from various quarters, but does provide one possible compromise for users who want to stop the most annoying ads without blocking content producers from receiving any financial reward for their work.

OKO have been openly critical of some part of the programme in the past, but we’re excited to be part of its future. Initiatives like Acceptable Ads have the potential to find more sustainable ways to manage content monetization. If our involvement can help steer things towards a solution that is acceptable for those who produce content as well as those who want to consume it then that is something that we want to be part of.

The committee is to be made up of a number of groups aiming to represent all parts of the ad eco-system. OKO will be joining the Ad tech member group. Applications are still open for additional committee members and OKO would particularly love to see more applications from independent publisher and content producers.  Applications can be made here.



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