Manage : Support that helps you grow, from OKO Digital

We believe in a “more supportive” kind of support that doesn’t just wait for problems to happen. Dynamic site management means actively seeking out potential problems and looking for opportunities for continual improvement towards agreed aims. That means fewer headaches for you. It also means a better website experience for your customers and websites that work better for longer.


We don't just keep your site live. We help it grow

On hand expertise

Our managed clients benefit from having the expertise of our whole team just a call, chat or hangout away for all manner of enquiries.

Pro-actively supporting your goals

We agree medium and long term goals at the outset and actively look for ways to bring those goals closer.

Stopping problems before they grow

From security patches to performance improvements and changes in search engine rules, we’ll deal with issues before they cause you problems, extending the life of your website.

Guidance, training and strategy

We're not limited to simply "getting things done". We're here to support you with the less tangible things too.

Ready to talk? Tell us what you would like to see your site doing better, and we'll show you how we can help
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