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OKO offers a blend of expert help, access to great products and our own platform to help web publishers to monetize their sites more easily and more profitably. We offer three core services. If you know which you need click the option below, or learn more about OKO services here.

Add AdX to your stack

Add the power of DoubleClick Ad Exchange to your existing stack. We can help with fast application, on-boarding support and daily reporting dashboard - all backed by excellent service and fast, reliable payments.

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Publisher partnerships

Enjoy the benefits of a full monetization and optimisation team without the overhead, by partnering with OKO. Let us manage your ad space and get you the best results per page view whilst you focus on your business.

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Upgrade to AdX Active Pricing

Switch your tags for something smarter and secure a better price for your impressions. Active pricing uses machine learning to set prices based on ever-changing market conditions to increases CPMs .

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Google Certified Publishing Partners

Certified expertise

Everyone claims to be experts, but in our case Google agrees. OKO are proud to be recognised as Google Certified Publishing Partners, making us one of a handful of companies worldwide recognised by Google for their expertise in AdSense, DoubleClick For Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

What our publishers say

  • After only a few months they have doubled my revenue...  OKO are bringing all the benefits of a business partner but without having to compromise my ownership of the business.
  • There are plenty of companies out there who claim to be experts at ad optimisation, but none I have encountered have the professional approach and knowledge of OKO
  • ... the net result is that we've had an extra bunch of money coming in, and nothing extra going out. Which is always nice.
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